Drywall Partition Solutions

Drywall partitions are used to divide and create spaces and offer acoustic, fire and security compartments. Construction of drywall partitions is at the core of what Henly Projects does, and we understand all technical and construction complexities and the necessity to ensure full compliance in their construction. Henly Projects has vast experience in constructing all variances of drywall partitions and in particular security partitions. We have completed large security partition projects and are familiar with the technical aspects of security partition construction

Glazed Partition Solutions

Glazed partitions are used in most commercial buildings to provide light and create brightness in spaces. Henly Projects can offer single or double-glazed partitions including bespoke coloured framework. We can incorporate additional features including tech panels, room booking systems, and security locking to doorsets including maglocks. Our vast experience allows us to tailor to your exact requirements. Whatever your requirements are, we’re here to help.

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